Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Date Is Set...

So I received my confirmation letter from Dr. Bernsten's office today. My pre-op appointment is January 5th and my surgery is going to be Wednesday January 14th. That day can't come soon enough! 10 days before surgery I'll be on an all liquid diet. Woo hoo. Not fun...but it will be okay. Hell if I don't go crazy doing that I'll do AMAZING afterwords

The doctor says she wants me to lose at least 110 lbs. I want to lose more honestly, but if I do the 110 I'll be well under 200, which will be a HUGE milestone for me. Ideally I'd like to be around 170. I know I can do it, and just knowing that and believing that is half the battle for me. It's kind of odd to realize that a year from January I won't recognize myself. But it's odd in a good way. I've been the fat, nice, 'funny' girl for too damn long. It's time for Maggie to be HOT, nice, 'funny' girl!!!

If I had enough leave time saved up at work I could've had the surgery this month, but I didn't. And I'm a HUGE believer in 'everything happens for a reason', so I'm thinking this is so I can enjoy one last Thanksgiving and Christmas like 'normal'. Which means I'll eat and drink waay too much. So I will enjoy it!

Once I have my surgery I'll be setting up a new photo album of my progress, so those of you that want to can see how I'm doing.

I must admit I cannot WAIT to reach my goal weight and go shopping in 'normal' stores!!!
Look out BeBe, Victoria's Secret, Old Navy and Banana Republic! Here I come!!!

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