Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting Back To My Old Self Again.


This has been a whirlwind of a weekend.

First, Tony bought a RING! Yup, an engagement ring! We went looking at them Friday night, he had wanted to show me one he liked, to see if I liked it. But unfortunately when we got there it had been sold. So I found another one and he bought it. Now it's just being sized and I have NO clue when he'll officially propose. But I can't stop smiling and daydreaming. I've wanted this to happen for so long, and now it's so close!

Then, yesterday I caught up with my dear friend Sarah. She lives in California now and we haven't seen each other in years. But it was like no time had passed. I love that girl, she's one of the nicest, most beautiful people I know. And I needed to catch up with her!

Weight loss is going great. Down 40 lbs and counting! The surgery has been the SINGLE best thing I've ever done for myself. The second best thing is graduating College. But by far, this surgery has improved and will keep improving and prolonging my life.

I hope everyone is doing well, have a great week. It's only 25 days until MY BIRTHDAY!!! Woo hoo!!


<3 - Mags

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