Monday, September 7, 2009

Scary Times...

I haven't written forever. And I've been super busy! Not a good excuse, but I did have a 'fill' scare two weeks ago.

It all started on August 26th. I went in to get a tiny, TINY fill. It was like 1/4 of a CC. Granted, a CC of fluid isn't much to begin with, so I didn't think that 1/4 of one would do much. Keep in mind I had 6.75 cc's in my 9 cc band. So this fill put me up to just about 7 cc's of fluid total.

I really thought it wouldn't be much of a difference, but boy was I wrong.

The day after my fill Tony & I embarked on our long weekend to Miami/Key Largo. I woke up and couldn't really drink much of my coffee, but I didn't think any thing of it. It was super early, I had just had a fill the afternoon before. But I should have listened to my body that morning. Our Vacation was fun, but I learned a very, very important lesson! Never, under any circumstances, get a fill on your band the DAY before a trip!

Long story short I was PB-ing the entire plane rides to Miami, no matter what I ate/drank. And once we landed there, I had to have a few cocktails just to eat some soup. I do not recommend that to anyone! We were in Paradise for 4 days, and I couldn't eat anything :( My band was too full, I desperately needed to get some fluid taken out of it.

I tried to make the most of the trip, and I did my best to drink lots and lots of water. But by Sunday, our return day, I was a wreck. I was starving, so I tried to eat some chips at the Houston Airport. Bad idea. I PB'd immediately, in front of everyone in the Food Court. It was so embarrassing.

So as soon as we landed in Kansas City I called my Dr's Office. Thankfully they said they'd be able to get me in ASAP Monday morning. That evening I was told to just eat broth soups. And I could barely do that. But I just wanted some sort of 'food' or nutrition.

Monday morning I called my Doctor and she got me in at 10:30 for an "Emergency Unfill". Thank God too! Ever since I had that a week ago, I've been able to finally freaking eat. She just took out the 1/4 of the CC she'd given me the week before. So now I'm back to 6.75 cc's in my 9 cc band. And I'm not sure I want much, if any, more fills for quite some time.

So it was a tough lesson learned, but I know I'm super close to hitting my 'sweet spot'. From here on out it's just tweaking the frequency and size of my Band fills.

I don't recommend anyone doing what I did. If you're close to your sweet spot, definitely avoid getting a fill right before you leave town for 4 days! It's miserable. Especially when you're in a land of abundant, healthy seafood! I love grilled shrimp and fish, and I could only eat 2 bites of it the entire trip. Thankfully I kept those two bites down.

My surgery was not meant to starve me to death. It was meant as a 'tool' to help me eat smaller, healthier portions.

While my 'over-fill' experience scared the hell out of me, I'm grateful to have gone through it. It's definitely gotten me re-vamped on my journey. I've lost 4 lbs this week, 2 of them while on the trip. But now I'm more determined than ever to reach my goal of 100 lbs lost by my Surgiversary!!!

I hope everyone is doing well!!! I'm sure doing MUCH better than last week :)


<3 - Mags

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