Saturday, April 3, 2010

XL, Me?!?!?

So I decided to do a quick update for now.

Tony and I went shopping at Macy's this afternoon and I about had a mental breakdown in the dressing room. I took in 2 shirts to try on, one of them was a size XL. And by XL I mean REGULAR section XL, not a plus size section XL. And to my astonishment it fit! I started crying in the room, just because I was so happy. So I had to buy it :)

I've been kind of beating myself up lately because my weight loss has stalled/slowed due to stress and my lack of focus. But trying this shirt on, and buying it has really helped renew my belief in myself and how far I've come, and will go!

I hope everyone in cyber land is well, and you'll notice my new photo! I'm on the far right, and the other to lovely ladies in it with me are my baby sister Catie and mom, Jan. It's so funny but the more weight I lose the more I think we do all look alike. At my heaviest I felt like the 'black sheep' of our family, like I didn't fit in or look like them.

What a difference 85 lbs makes!


<3 - Mags


  1. Wow! 85 pounds! I think you do look like your sister and Mom. Good for you fitting in a XL! I can't wait until I am there.

  2. Good job Mags!! And I love the new picture!

  3. Maggie, you look great!!! Congrats on such success.

  4. Thanks ladies :) I appreciate it!

    And Miss Vickie, it's taken me about 14 months to get down 85 lbs. I had some hiccups with my gallbladder and had to have surgery to have it removed. But I'm recovered now and back to my 'good' routine.

    I'm hoping to be down 100lbs by my Birthday, which is May 29th.

    Have a great weekend girls!