Monday, April 4, 2011

Thirty By 30...

So on May 29th I'll be 30. I can't believe how fast this approaching, and I'm embracing it! Some people may feel 'nervous' or 'anxious' to get to this age, but I'm not. The main thing I'm focused on is getting to Onederland.

On a good day I'm 25 lbs away from this goal. One a bad (ie: PMSing) day, I'm roughly 30 lbs from this goal. So, instead of making a 1 thru 30 numerical list of things I have and want to accomplish by my Birthday, I'm making a goal to get under 200 lbs if possible!

I have just under 2 months to do so, and I'm thinking of following Miss Amy's Atkins experiment... She's done great and it did work for me before. Plus, lately I've been severely addicted to Chocolate.

I hope everyone is doing well in Cyber land, and I promise to do my damnedest to update more! Sorry I've been MIA for so long.

Ciao! <3 - Mags

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